Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 Home And Business License In Pakistan

Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 Home And Business License In Pakistan

Tools that improve productivity help organisations communicate seamlessly and get tasks done more efficiently. One such tool is Microsoft Office 2013 that makes performing day-to-day work tasks like sharing information, communicating with colleagues, and processing data easier. If you are spending too much time on administrative tasks, Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License in Pakistan from Xcentric Store. It will leave more time in your hands to innovate, create and grow the business rather than spending hours doing tasks manually.

For over three decades now, Microsoft Office has provided computer users productivity-improving tools that more than a billion people use worldwide. However, for business, Office 2013 is a greater deal – more than just processing a Word document and editing Excel spreadsheets. Though these core applications still equip businesses with basic tools in performing tasks like managing data, creating documents, and communicating, they have evolved in Microsoft Office 2013.

Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 License for Business

Applications And Features In Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is a suite of applications and intelligent tools enabling businesses to get more productive and efficient. And, to Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 License for Business, tailored licensing plans are available on Xcentric Store. Businesses of all sizes and from different industries can access the tools and applications by getting a license.

In the 2013 version of Office 365, the applications and services are connected to the web and each other – for facilitating teamwork, saving time, and improving collaborations. Through the tools and applications, users get to chat with the team, organize online meetings, co-author files, and send out group emails. Moreover, it also enables users to work anywhere and anytime with access to the internet, content, schedules, and tasks on any device.

Besides, with data security being a top priority for most businesses across industries, Microsoft Office 2013 focuses on this aspect too. Its proactive data monitoring, security measures, and privacy protection standards get it a plus point. BUT, other than that, the following applications make it a must-have for business and home use:

· Excel

Users get to kick up their data analysis game with Excel in Microsoft Office 2012. The innovative application is loaded with useful functionalities that make analyzing and managing data easier. Backstage view is a new addition to the 2013 license and the Flash Fill tool helps users save a lot of time by learning the data entry patterns.  Moreover, tools like Quick Analysis and Recommended Charts are HUGE timesavers. In addition, only chart types and relevant data are shown to simplify Chart Selection. And, thanks to the Recommended PivotTables, creating practical PivotTables is all about just a few clicks. Once the work is done, it can be shared via SkyDrive to collaborate with teams.

·  Outlook

After a makeover, Outlook in Microsoft Office 2013 helps users focus and switch instantly between elements. Replying inline is made possible – with just a single click. Users can also act on messages and see their previews from inside the contacts list on Outlook.

Without the need of opening any separate window, Tasks and Appointments can be viewed at a glance. Also, weather forecasts can be checked right from the calendar in the application. Moreover, as a user, you will never forget to attach another file again to your emails – thanks to the Attachment Reminders. On top of everything, users get a Site Mailbox to store project documents, to-do lists, and calendars when they Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License in Pakistan.

Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License in Pakistan

·  Word

Microsoft Office 2013 has taken editing word documents to a whole new level. The application has a fresh new look with features users never got to use before. Extra Layout options are one of them that make aligning graphics and easy breeze. The reading mode in Word is also optimized to improve the on-screen reading experience for users. Furthermore, the Smart Collaboration feature in the application allows opening and editing PDF files. Thus, making it easy to manage documents with tables and content that is lengthy.

·  Power Point 

Before the launch of Microsoft Office 2013, PowerPoint 2013 was just a slideshow application. However now, the Enjoy SkyDrive Integration in the application allows switching between applications and collaborating with team members more seamlessly. The all-new Alignment Guides help align text and objects with each other to give users a more visually balanced appearance of presentations.

Moreover, PowerPoint 2013 also allows users to add videos, audio files, and images right from the internet – without having to download them in the device. Another notable feature it offers is allowing saving presentations in MPEG-4 video format that enables direct playback.

·   OneNote 

Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 License for Home and Business to get the digital application OneNote that lets users take notes without following the rules of Word. It allows keeping ideas, thoughts and plans more organized. Web Clipper Bookmark feature in the application also allows users to save whatever they view in the Notebook in an instant. Also, to help users work well, OneNote is integrated with Weave, Feedly and RSS. Smart pens like Live scribe is also supported in the application so that users get to draw, write and doodle smartly.

Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License in Pakistan

Get Microsoft Office 2013 License NOW!

 Want to work smartly and increase your daily productivity? Buy Online Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License in Pakistan from Xcentric Store. It includes all the popular Office 365 applications such as PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote. Rest assures, the licensing plan will meet all your needs. To get more details about the license, get in touch with Microsoft experts at Xcentric Services.

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