Buy Online Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License 64-Bit

Buy Online Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License 64-Bit

Currently, the Microsoft Windows 10 for the desktop which is a successor to Windows 8.1 is available in two versions – Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. Xcentric Store offers licenses for both these versions. And hence, in this article, we have covered the difference between the two versions. From what we have analyzed, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License 64-Bit has more features as compared to Windows 8.1 – the basic variant with fewer features. Offering a huge set of new features and functionalities to users, Windows 10 meets the needs of most users. But still, if you are confused about which version is the best for you, keep on reading the blog to make an informed decision.

Buy Windows 10 Pro for Business in Pakistan

What Do You Get With Microsoft Windows 10 Home?

Microsoft Windows 10 Home is the basic variant of Windows 10 that comes with new features - including the revamped Start Menu. A few years back, Microsoft cut off the feature from Windows 8.1. However, considering its demand, the feature has made a return to the desktop-based operating system.

Moreover, along with the Start Menu, users also get a full-fledged version of Cortana which is the digital voice assistant available on Windows Phone. Other than that, the version also provides features like Battery Savers, biometric security features like Windows Hello and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support.

The users of Windows 10 Home can also use the Virtual Desktop option and the Snap Assist feature with up to four applications on one screen. Furthermore, the edition also supports updates from Windows and also provides security measures.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro License for Business

Windows 10 Professional License 64-Bit – What Do You Get With It?

When you Buy Windows 10 Pro for Business in Pakistan, you get seamless connectivity, privacy tools like Domain Join, and Assigned Access 8.1, along with all the features of the Home edition. Moreover, you also get features like Hyper-V, Remote Desktop, BitLocker, and Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE).

The assigned access 8.1 allows users to lock the user accounts and prevent access to specific applications. On the other hand, the BitLocker is the most powerful disk encryption feature tool you will get in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro License for Business. It allows users to encrypt their external USB drives and facilitates seamless connectivity.

So now, the question is – should you get the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License 64-Bit or the Home edition instead? Well, it all boils down to if you need the features like Hyper-V, BitLocker, and your work requires connecting with a Windows domain. If you do, then paying the Windows 10 Professional Price in Pakistan is worth it.

Windows 10 Professional Price in Pakistan

Want To Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro For Your Business?

Now that you know what you get with both these editions, buy your preferred license TODAY from Xcentric Store. However, if you are new to both these editions of Windows, Microsoft Consultants at Xcentric Services can help you understand how they work. Now, talking about the pricing, know that there is a fair difference between the prices of both the editions considering the features they offer. The price of the Windows Home edition is less than the Windows 10 Professional Price in Pakistan. But still, the real deal is all about the features YOU want for your business.

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