Buy Online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core – Practical Investment Or Not?

Buy Online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core – Practical Investment Or Not?

Windows Server 2019 was made generally available back in October 2018, with an updated version of Windows Admin Center supporting the Azure hybrid scenarios and the server. Technically, it is built on the foundation of Microsoft Windows Server 2016, one of the most fast-adopted versions that have deployed around the globe throughout the years. Even established businesses Buy Online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core from Xcentric Store; for modernizing their data centers.

Planning on doing the same for your business but confused if investing in the server is a practical decision or not? Keep reading the blog to find out what it has in stores for you and make an informed decision!

Four Features Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Offers

Four Features Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Offers

Through different channels like industry trends and product analysis, the Microsoft people heard it clear and loud that security, hybrid, and agility and on top of the mind of businesses. Also, given the competitive world that we are currently living in, modernizing the data centers is essential for supporting businesses and delivering innovation. Therefore, when designing and engineering the Windows Server 2019 Standard ISO to modernize the data centers, Microsoft has delivered in the following key areas:

1.     Hybrid Approach

Switching to the cloud fully is a LONG journey. However, with its hybrid approach combining cloud and on-premise environment, the Windows Server 2019 Standard – License has modernized. In the server and Windows Admin Server, the hybrid functionality is built-in which makes it easy to connect with Azure Services and existing server deployments.

Besides, in the interface of Windows Admin Center, the capability is also incorporated. Hence, when using Windows Server 2019 and the admin center, users get access to hybrid features like Azure File Sync, data center extension, Azure Backup, and more. Store Migration Services is also there to make migrating file data to Azure easy, without the need of reconfiguring users or applications.

Security Concerns

2.     Security Concerns

One top priority of those using the previous versions of Microsoft Windows Servers was security. Day by day, the security threats are increasing in number and getting more complicated. Therefore, when you Buy Online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core, know that it is focused persistently on security.

The approach of Microsoft towards security in this server is three-folded; Protecting, Detecting, and Responding. Its security features cover all of these three areas. Previously, for the Protect front, there was Shielded VMs that protected sensitive workloads that were virtualized – such as PCI data and financial data.

In the upgraded Windows Server 2019 version, the support of Shielded VMs is extended to Linux VMs. Other than that, for the Respond and Detect front, the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is enabled. It detects zero-day exploits and attacks in every capability. Also, thanks to the Defender Exploit Guard, the security posture of IT environments is elevated to fight back ransomware attacks.

Application Platform

3.     Application Platform

The key principle of the team behind Windows Server 2019 was a persistent focus on the experience for developers. With previous feedback, they learned that small container-sized images significantly improve the user experience for IT professionals and developers. They are the ones who modernize the existing applications for businesses using containers in the server.

Therefore, in Microsoft Windows Server 2019, the size of the images in Server Core is reduced to a third of their size before. Moreover, the application compatibility, support for Kubernetes and Service Fabric, and Linux container support on Windows are also improved. Thus, modernizing the applications for the users.

Another feedback that developers constantly gave about the previous Windows Servers was the complexity of navigation in the environments with Windows and Linux deployments. To address them, the Windows Subsystem for Linux is also extended into insider builds for Windows Server. It enables the users to run the Windows and Linux containers side-by-side without any downtime. Though this improvement is still a continuing journey, users still get to bring scripts to the server while using the industry standards such as OpenSSH.

4.     Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

In the industry of servers, hyper-converged infrastructure is the current trend. Primarily, customers now understand the importance of using servers equipped with high-performing local disks for computing their storage needs.

Technically, the Windows Server 2019 also prioritizes such an infrastructure by using cost-effective, well-performing, software-defined networking and storage. It allows scaling deployments from a minimum of 2 nodes to a maximum of 100 servers – using Cluster Sets technology. This makes it affordable to Buy Online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core, regardless of the scale that is being used for deployment.

Through its Windows Server Software-Defined Programs, Microsoft partners with the leading hardware vendors in the industry. Therefore, providing its customers/ users of the servers a robust solution with a design that is validated.

Get Windows Server 2019 NOW!

Above, we compiled a line-up of all the upgraded features put together in the Windows Server 2019 and went deep into their details. So now, you must be ready to stop by at Xcentric Store and get the server license for your business. Do not wait any longer and get it NOW – we assure you that there will be no regrets.

However, if you have any more questions or are giving a thought to Windows Server 2019 Essentials Vs Standard, speak to an expert at Xcentric Services. They will be more than happy to answer queries and clear all your doubts!

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