Microsoft 365 Business: How Does It Empower Small & Mid-Sized Businesses?

Microsoft 365 Business: How Does It Empower Small & Mid-Sized Businesses?

Over the past years, businesses of every size and industry have adapted to all-new working ways, challenging environments for operating, and the ever-changing expectations of customers. With all these changes, overstating the impact of having reliable and secure productivity plus collaboration tools is hard. It is tools like them that enable flexibility, innovation, and communication that helps businesses thrive in this new era. Small and mid-sized businesses are no exception, but they require tools tailored according to their unique challenges and needs. With a series of innovations, Microsoft 365 Business offers all such tools that enable businesses to transform and get work done seamlessly. Looking forward to knowing more about it before you get the product license from Xcentric Store? Keep on reading the blog!

3 Features In Microsoft 365 That Empower Businesses

Unleashing the power of small and mid-sized businesses is prioritized by Microsoft, which is why it keeps announcing a series of innovations that transform the way work gets done. Right below, we have expanded on the features of this solution that is purpose-built for helping small and mid-sized businesses.

1.  End-To-End Security

In the last few years, there has been a notable increase in cyberattacks on businesses of every size, with increasing complexity and volume of attacks aiming at SMBs. In fact, according to starts, there is a 300% increase in ransomware attacks in the past year, with more than 50% of them targeted on small businesses.

Windows 365


The risk of such attacks is quite significant as most SMBs do not have specialized security knowledge or resources to manage, prevent, or respond to any attack. Now, because Microsoft believed in security for every business – no matter what size, it has brought new enterprise-grade Defender Technology for the SMBs in Windows 365. It was made available to businesses in March 2022.

Microsoft Defender for businesses has added cross-platform end-to-end protection and defense from ransomware with technologies such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). The technology is added to the comprehensive productivity and security stack already existing in Microsoft 365 Business Premium. All of the above combined make Microsoft 365 more complete and compelling for small and mid-sized businesses.

2.  Helping With Calling, Chatting & Connectivity

In addition to the robust security offered with Defender, features that businesses need to serve their customers well are also brought together in Microsoft 365 Business. The features mainly include Microsoft Teams Essential – a standalone version of Teams. From retailers to professionals and restaurants, every small business can easily collaborate, meet, serve and communicate with customers in a new way.

One-third of small and mid-sized business employees expect to switch to remote work permanently after the pandemic, which is why Microsoft has delivered this solution. It is designed for the new reality that also brings the challenge of keeping everyone connected inexpensively and efficiently.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business


Team essential has businesses sorted for the challenge by integrating collaborators, clients, and businesses in one place. It offers them unlimited video calls for up to thirty hours, calendaring, file sharing, and group chatting features. Without incurring any IT expertise cost, Team Essentials enables businesses without a Teams account to effectively and easily connect their employees.

3.  Scale With Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft has taken Windows to the cloud with flexible and responsive Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. They enable the users to stream their complete desktop experience securely – content, settings, and even personalized applications on any kind of device.

Therefore, empowering all the employees to work efficiently from anywhere securely, including at home, in the office, or anywhere in between, on a personal device. Moreover, because rapid growth and seasonal demands are common for small and mid-sized businesses, Windows 365 also allows them to quickly and easily respond to the shift.

So, if you want the ability to decrease or increase the count of PCs on the Microsoft 365 Business Standard cloud as new trusted partners, interns, contractors, vendors, and employees get on board, this is the solution for you. It stores the business-critical information on the cloud and not on devices.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard


Overall, security risks during transitioning to virtual working are minimized with Windows 365, allowing the employees to grow more productive. Besides, it is very simple to set up and get a cloud PC experience for both – an average user admin and an IT professional. The solution is available for purchase on a per-month and per-user bases, so being a small or mid-sized business, you can also stay within the budget.

Ready To Look Into The Future?

Now that you have read through all the new features in Microsoft 365 Business, it is time to get its license and support your small or mid-sized business. Previously, the SMBs use to rely on the patchwork of commercial and consumer solutions. However now, none of them are an ideal fit for the needs of the digital world. They need tailored solutions that are real and Microsoft Products fit the need right.

Hence, to get access to a fully-tailored platform that enables you to operate seamlessly and boost the productivity of your employees, get the Windows 365 license from Xcentric Store. For more details about the product, feel free to contact a Microsoft expert at Xcentric Services.


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