Microsoft Office 365 – What Benefits Does It Offer To Businesses?

Microsoft Office 365 – What Benefits Does It Offer To Businesses?

Everyone is surely familiar with Microsoft Office 365, but do you know how its capabilities and features can help a business improve workflows, efficiency, and collaboration? Well, if your answer is a NO, this is the right place for you. In this blog, we have listed down all the advantages the product by Microsoft provides before you get it from Xcentric Store; to transform how your employees work.

5 Key Benefits Of Using Microsoft Office 365

Efficiency is important for every business. The ability to create, communicate and collaborate seamlessly makes them more effective. Moreover, getting access to productivity-boosting tools enables the employees to complete tasks easily – from anywhere. Therefore, making the organizations more agile and competitive.

5 Key Benefits Of Using Microsoft Office 365

Office Microsoft is a productivity suite powered with tools like Excel, Teams, Word, SharePoint, and Word. Moreover, because the product is cloud-based, all the features can be experienced and accessed anywhere and on any device. To highlight, here are the FIVE key benefits it provides to businesses:

1.     Working Remotely

Most of the professionals these days work remotely at least half of the week because of the pandemic and some of them even work from home the whole week. To be precise, more and more businesses have now adopted remote working policies. Hence, businesses need to provide their virtually working teams with technologies and tools that make working on the go effective.

One of the major advantages that Microsoft Office 365 provides is that it enables the users to work from home anytime, as long as they are connected to the internet. Also, because the product is cloud-based, the files, emails, and Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are accessible from anywhere. So, if you are a business whose most employees work remotely or travel regularly, this license is a must-have.

 Working Remotely

2.     Subscription-Based Model

Microsoft Office 365 provides its users with better flexibility and scales along when the business grows. For starts, it allows mixing and matching business applications for creating a customized solution that helps meet the needs of every specific department. In addition, another benefit it provides is that the payment model is subscription-based. Hence, adding or removing users by simply changing the licenses is easy.

In simpler words, this means that when employees leave, the organization can stop paying for their account rather than paying even when it is not in use. Moreover, if new employees are hired, a new account can be added without making any changes to the entire solution. All in all, without committing a permanent fee for a license, a business can scale cost-effectively and simply.

3.     Streamlined Collaborations

Collaboration often suffers when organizations have lots of employees working remotely. Without having constant access to face-to-face interaction, employees require access to modern collaboration tools. They make brainstorming possible, enable teams to work together on one project, and even made edits in files in real-time remotely.

Also, because Office 365 Microsoft offers a subscription-based model using features enabling online connectivity, the collaboration tools keep the remotely working employees connected. For instance, with the subscription of Office 365, employees can use Teams and other applications in the all-in-one collaboration hub of Microsoft. Working on documents online simultaneously with other team members, sharing notes, and joining conferences are made hassle-free, even when everyone is not together physically.

Streamlined Collaborations

4.     Email Benefits

With your employees using Outlook 365 Email, their calendars, emails, and contact information will be synced automatically and the most updated versions will be accessible on devices. Plus, they will be able to customize all the emails by creating customized formats – including images and domain names. Moreover, all the emails needed on hand by them will be stored in 100 GB of storage limit.

Simply put, by getting access to an admin center that is simplified, Outlook 365 allows users to set up new emails, create customized scripts, and restore accounts that were deleted. On top of everything, anti-malware and spam filtering will also guard your system files and employees against threats through email. Thus, keeping the information completely secure and safe.

5.     File Sharing & Storage Capabilities

Another notable benefit of Microsoft Office 365 for organizations is its sharing and file storing capabilities. By using OneDrive, users can access all their files no matter which device they use to log in, whether it is a Mac, mobile device, or Windows. Moreover, they also get to share files outside and inside the organization very securely. Simply, this means that the customers, coworkers, and clients – all will get access to the needed information to keep the business running.

Then, using SharePoint, users can manage and share files, documents, and applications through a secure portal that enhances collaboration and teamwork. So, whether one of your employees is working remotely and the other in-office, they will be able to work on a project simultaneously using Office 365.

Interested In Getting The License?

Understanding all the benefits of Office 365, if you are now interested in getting the license of the Microsoft product, we have it available at Xcentric Store. Moreover, with it, you will also get 24/7 support from our team, which means that you will never be on your own to implement, update, or use Office 365. To get the license, visit our website TODAY and if you have any other questions related to the product, feel free to contact us at Xcentric Services.

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