Microsoft Office 365 – Why You Should Be Using It For Your Business?

Microsoft Office 365 – Why You Should Be Using It For Your Business?

Running a business, you must have already considered getting access to an online productivity suite. In the past few years, G Suite of Google and Office 365 by Microsoft have been the popular ones. Hyped as an innovative product, the productivity suite of Microsoft is also a ground-breaking concept when it comes to computing and operating systems. But, the question here is that – why should you choose it over the other similar products available on Xcentric Store? Well, that is a serious question, and we have the answer to it covered right below!

 Better Planning

Microsoft Office 365 - 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Microsoft Office 365 has been around for quite a long time now and many businesses have now started using it yet. Our precise opinion on this is – if you care about the productivity of your team, get it NOW. To convince you more, here we have FIFTEEN reasons why your business needs to use the productivity suite starting today.

1. Better Planning

By using the features like calendar requests, the users can plan and schedule meetings without any hassle. Therefore, increasing the efficiency between the teams all around the office.

2. Improved Collaboration

By calling upon its applications like SharePoint and Skype, Office 365 makes it easy for teams to collaborate on the cloud. In simpler words, this means that people in teams can work on the same documents simultaneously while sitting at different locations.

3. Constant Updates

Subscribing to the license of Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that the users get every update for the applications like Excel and Word automatically. Such constant updates boost the productivity levels of the employees. Moreover, they also save the businesses owners from buying new versions of the product every time they are released.

4. On-Cloud Service

Users of the productivity suite also get access to the cloud service of Microsoft. Therefore, enabling them to store their data online securely – without maintaining or paying for a physical server. On top of it, every employee of the business having access to the suite gets to use the applications on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Precisely, this means that they will be able to work while being on the go, regardless of their location.

Office 365

5.  Huge Email Box

Always worried about running low on space in our inbox? End your worries with Outlook 365 which provides access to 50 GB of storage space. No matter how many emails land in your inbox every day, with such a huge email box, you will never have to delete an email just because of the low storage space.

6. Money-Saving

The subscription fee of Office 365 is pretty affordable as compared to that of its alternatives. It is just a small monthly fee that the user has to pay for a whole suite of applications, rather than having to spend on servers or separate applications for every need.

7. High Scalability

Small businesses usually need the basic level of applications because of their limited needs. However, with time, every business grows and the best thing about this productivity suite is that it allows adding new tools and applications whenever needed. Therefore, when subscribing to this scalable suite, you will get excellent value out of your investment as a user.

8. Enhanced Professional Image

Working on applications like Word and Outlook Office 365 by using their professional-looking templates helps in improving the image of a business. So, to stand out of the crowd, increase profitability and encourage people to choose your business, subscribe to the suite.

Outlook Office 365

9. Backed Up Data

Microsoft offers its own type of checks and balances, 24/7 on-call support, and OneDrive for storing the files in the productivity suite. However, if the user still wants an extra protection layer, they can use a Managed Services Provider. It monitors the backups and adds a strong security layer for lost or compromised data.

10. Multiple Installations

Every employee working for your business gets to install the applications of the productivity suite on different devices up to five times. So, in case the system of anyone crashes, the applications can be installed and synced once again on a new device without any extra charge.

Get The License TODAY!

Microsoft Office 365 is an ideal example of what a cloud service is and what businesses should turn to for meeting their cloud needs. Computing on the cloud has become a BIG part of the tech strategies for every business and getting the license for this productivity suite is a MUST for jumping into the cloud.

Hence, if you are looking to make your teams more productive, improve the overall performance, and scale continuously, subscribe to the license of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 TODAY. It is available at Xcentric Store. Moreover, if you need any technical help, the IT experts at Xcentric Services can walk you through everything and get full benefits out of the suite.

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