Now Is The Time For You To Know About Microsoft Dynamics AX

Now Is The Time For You To Know About Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX, also branded as AXAPTA, is a unified ERP solution for small, mid-sized, and large businesses. It is mainly beneficial for businesses that have a global presence and plan to manage their finances, supply chain, and customer relationships with a single solution. We at Xcentric Services also consider this ERP solution essential for every kind of business that wants to act literally and figuratively.

Being an ERP solution, Dynamics AX does not only bring all the work processes under one roof but also helps businesses in streamlining data and get an insight into what competitors are up to. Moreover, Dynamics AX by Microsoft also interconnects different business stores at different locations – to ensure transparency and quality. But before you invest in implementing the solution for your business, let us show you what value addition occurs when using Dynamics AX.

Dynamics AX

Smarter And Smoother Decisions With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Innovation is the key to be successful in this ever-evolving business environment. With the integrated solution Microsoft Dynamics AX, we put businesses on a fast-track to unify complex data silos. Alongside, we also provide them with predictive analysis through the ERP solution’s dashboard KPIs and reporting tools. Moreover, since its user interface is also very friendly businesses can make better and quick decisions.

Upward Growth

By integrating the ERP solution with other Microsoft Dynamics Features and applications like Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams, we streamline the work processes of businesses and help them adapt to standard working practices. Moreover, supply chain management and deployment are also made easy with automation. All of this, in turn, increases the scalability and takes the growth curve of a business upwards. As a solution that can be tailored to suit every business’s individual goals, Microsoft AX Dynamics is surely a worthy investment.

Global Calculations And Languages

Dynamics AX supports financial requirements for more than 36 countries from across the globe. The ERP solution’s enterprise edition empowers businesses to enter new markets. However, for them to have a presence in several countries, it is important to have language and currency flexibilities.

The good news is that the Dynamics AX solution lets users easily handle multiple languages and currencies through a single dashboard. For instance, as a user, you can generate a language-specific report out of the solution and share it with your stakeholders across the globe. Besides, the multi-currency feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX also supports multiple currencies, hence, there is a lesser risk of losing sales.

Better Collaboration And Productivity

The user interface of Dynamics AX is role-tailored, which means that using it is similar to using Office 365. Therefore, the employees using the solution get the time to focus on their regular tasks, rather than spending loads of time on learning new information.

Moreover, the business intelligence provided in the solution along with other automation features helps enhance the overall productivity in an organization. Technically, more than 30 roles can be added to the solution, and all these roles can access the KPIs and scorecards to get some motivation.

Other than that, the unified communication tools also help in communicating with the team across regions is very easy, while the data stores – which is accessible through a single point. The result users see at the end of the day is increased transparency and collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics Features

Cost-Effective And Flexible

Since the tech market changes constantly, augmenting your business with a flexible ERP solution is a need of the hour. Along the way of being a business, you will have to add products, delete them, adapt, and modify them. With Dynamics AX, you get all these functionalities and features that will add value to your business’s industry-specific processes.

Hassle-Free Compliance With IT

The IT compliance centers of the ERP solution also enable businesses to centralize the compliance requirements, regulate activities and then share them among people at the organization. Also, by enabling our clients at Xcentric Services with a built-in tool, we make it extremely easier for them to manage risk indications, documents, and policies – all under one roof. Along with it all, we make sure that the cost, time, and effort are reduced. So yes, all in all, it is hassle-free compliance.

Happy Customers Equal Higher Sales

Every business can provide its customers' effective end-to-end solutions while streamlining the manufacturing and sales processes. Moreover, the real-time insights in the dashboard also help in identifying the best sales opportunities, respond to customer queries, and resolve them on time.

Also, as an agile solution, it optimizes workflows, improves logistics, and helps with delivering products to customers without any delay. Other than that, its omnichannel control allows users to track the purchases of customers from across the globe and connect with them.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX Services

Summing it all up, getting Microsoft Dynamics AX Services is a one-stop tech solution for all your business needs. Implementing the solution will ease your journey towards growth. For more details about the product, visit Xcentric Store or get in touch with our Microsoft experts at Xcentric Services.

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