What Makes Windows Server 2019 A Game-Changer?

What Makes Windows Server 2019 A Game-Changer?

Initially, the Windows Server 2019 version was released dramatically, following which the Windows 10 1809 were removed back from the shelves temporarily. However, now that Microsoft has worked out on them, everything is settled. But still, having all the previous licenses too at Xcentric Store, we believe that his version of the operating system is a game-changer. But HOW? Read the blog to get the answer!

Top 5 Features In Windows Server 2019

Due to the never-ending release of the Windows Server Latest Version, users often get confused. Hence, our team gave time to test the 2019 version for those planning a migration to a more feature-rich environment. In our opinion, the operating system offers the following FIVE features that set it ahead in competition from the former versions:

1.     Windows Admin Center

Since the release of the beta software formally called Windows Admin Center, our team at Xcentric Store has been very excited. The reason behind it is that the software is FREE and available to download for everyone. Additionally, there are countless other features too within the Admin Center that one can find only after exploring it.

Overall, we believe that the release has led to an improvement in the actual centralized management system. To be precise, the Windows Admin Center is an all-in-one installer that allows setting up websites quickly on the server and workstation, giving a web interface. From the interface, the users can add the server infrastructure and use it for configuring and monitoring. All of this can be accomplished without having to log in to the servers every time or connecting with them any other way.

2.     Better Security

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 has brought along some BIG security upgrades, making it undoubtedly one of the most secure operating systems to date. The former Defender feature is still there but is enhanced using additional technologies supporting it in guarding against malware and threats.

Overall, the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a culmination of different technologies. Operating a HUGE ecosystem that the machines running on Windows leverage, the security features submit reports for threats and works with ATP customers to protect other machines.

Technically, it is similar to having crowd-sourced threat protection for machines. All of the above along with banned passwords, advanced threat analysis, shielded VMs, and roll-based asses are there in Windows Server 2019. Thus, giving users an upper hand in security.

3.     Containers

Containers essentially provide a mini-computing environment that is booted from a container image pre-created. It is a technology that is used for building scalable modern applications and improving the DevOps stories of companies. Applications that are hosted within containers can be scaled down and up within the notice of moments.

To date, Windows Server 2019 Versions are known to be the most capable of hosting containers. The cherry on top – the people at Microsoft have also developed a customized container type called HyperV Containers. They allow adding flexibility to whatever one could previously do with Containers running on Windows. They allow the users on the server to now care about the dependency of applications and requirements when the developers hand over new ones to improve the user experience.

4.     Server Core Administration

One of the most common paths for installing Server 2019 is the Desktop Experience version, giving a graphical interface that feels and looks like Windows Server 2019 Core. On the other hand, it also offers a more headless and locked-down version of the basic one.

Pretty much, it is near to the capabilities and full-code of Desktop Experience but lacks the graphical interface. Thus, equating to more efficiency in computing without running extra codes for graphics. Luckily, the Windows Admin Center also provides a graphical and web-oriented approach towards managing the servers – including Server Core.

5.     Linux Integration

Most of the containers currently run on Linux because their use-cases are web applications hosted on Linux-based web servers, and Microsoft is new to containers. In the past, when using Server 2016, if the users wanted to utilize containers, they had to be run on Nano Server or Server Core. However, now, in Windows Server 2019, the containers can be run on new options, like a Linux-based container on top of the 2019 host server for containers. 

6.     Automatic Client Connectivity

Businesses use servers that contain data, and computers are used for accessing it. If they are in-house, the interactions become easy. However, for users who keep on traveling from one location to another because of work, connecting between roaming laptops needs to be figured out.

Many ways exist for accomplishing remote connectivity, but a couple of them are in there inside Server 2019 that our IT admins have tested. They are Always On VPN and Direct Access – remote accessing technologies that automate connectivity for Windows clients. Thus, making sure that the users do not have to think about lost connection. So, whether you want to use Always On VPN, Direct Access, or any other remote accessing feature like Remote Desktop Services, the 2019 Windows Server includes it all.


The 2019 version of Microsoft Server is quite powerful and stable compared to the former ones. Hence to make sure that your business’s core infrastructure technologies run better and securely, get the license for the Server 2019 TODAY from Xcentric Store. For more information about the product or to get the answer to any queries, speak to us at Xcentric Services.

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