Why Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro?

Why Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro?

Compared to Windows 7, 8.1, and even the Windows 10 Home version, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro offers a lot more features. Professionals and businesses relying heavily on complex software, hardware, cloud computing, and cloud visualization claim it to be an operating system of great use. Therefore, to manage single or multiple devices at your work remotely and on the cloud, Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. It has an interface designed for adapting to useful features, the operating system is suitable for professional use and helps in BUG ways. With us having the license for the operating system available at Xcentric Store, we have covered all the benefits of using it


5 Benefits Of Using Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Commonly referred to as Window 10 Pro, the professional operating system is the latest released version belonging to the family of Windows. Technically, this version is quite better than the former Windows 10 Home version as it brings along additional features that have proven to be very helpful for business owners and professionals. It allows users to do more without having to work extra for it – thanks to its strategically designed system that supports the way users work today and tomorrow. Every feature the operating system offers has its individual use, adding more to its functionalities.

Before we get into the benefits of using the system, let us explain to you a few bespoke features it offers, like Assigned Access 8.1 that enables locking user accounts. Thus, preventing unauthorized access to those accounts from different applications. Another powerful feature is BitLocker that allows the encryption of disks on Windows. In addition, it also helps with encrypting the external USB drives.

Besides the features mentioned above, the operating system also guarantees seamless connectivity between specific tools when users join services like Azure Active Directory. Other than that, there is a Business Store and the Client Hyper V Feature too that is built-in for providing smooth connectivity. Though apart from all these features offering high functionality, users who Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro get to enjoy the following benefits:

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    1.  Unlimited RAM

    On installing Windows 10 Pro, by default, the users get access to unlimited RAM capacity, unlike the former 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10. The system allows installing 2 TB system memory in the system, while its Home version offered only 128 GB. For that reason, the Windows 10 Pro operating system is a clear winner allowing users to complete complex tasks like hybrid computing on the cloud, cloud virtualization, hardware virtualization, 3D rendering, and more.

    2.  Remote Desktop

    Businesses that offer Managed IT services cannot ignore the importance of having a Remote Desktop. It is available on the Pro version of Windows 10, which is why it stands ahead in competition with its former versions. The feature allows accessing multiple computers from one single domain. Thus, helping the users a lot in completing their IT admin job. In addition, it also saves them from the hassle of visiting workstations physically for managing work and gets them more time on hand.

     Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License Online

      3.  Client Hyper V Feature

      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro goes the extra mile by offering the Client Hyper V feature that is very beneficial. The feature helps users a lot in hardware and hybrid virtualization within data centers. Therefore, ensuring that the available resources are properly utilized and different software platforms are tested before getting into action.

      4.  Domain Join

      Businesses who Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro also get endless help from the Domain Join feature accessible in the operating system. With access to the feature, the users are allowed to join local domains that have key devices linked to one network. Technically, it allows them to control every workstation well while focusing on the nitty-gritty according to the business policies. All in all, the feature has proven to be very helpful in assigning roles and jobs to members of the teams at organizations. Consequently, improving their productivity during the process.

      5.   BitLocker Encryption

      One of the many convincing applications in the operating system is BitLocker. In actuality, it is encryption software that helps protect USB keys and external drives. So, if you are worried about unauthorized people accessing sensitive information related to your business, stop worrying. BitLocker Encryption will provide an extra data protection layer and high-level security that stops unauthorized people from accessing information. Overall, the user only needs to set a strong password, and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro License for Business Use will handle the rest of the operations.

      6.  Sandbox

      The all-new Sandbox feature in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro allows users to quickly test their system. One of the best things about the feature is that for using it, the users do not even need a testing license. Moreover, it allows browsing websites and testing different applications – but of course, in an environment that is controlled. Therefore, adding another layer of security to the operating system.

       Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License Online

      Get The Operating System NOW!

      Apart from the features and their benefits mentioned above, the operating system provides many more growth and seamless operating possibilities to businesses. Hence, get the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional License Online TODAY from Xcentric Store and equip your business operations with the BEST operating system. If you need more information about the system, speak to a Microsoft expert at Xcentric Services.

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