Why Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac? 

Why Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac? 

Did you upgrade from the previous version of Microsoft Office and Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac? If you are a business owner, NOW is the time to upgrade because Microsoft has launched it especially for businesses. Similar to the former versions, Microsoft Office 2019 also includes tools like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook. It also includes the upgraded versions of Visio 2019, Publisher 2019, and Access 2019. Many of our clients get the license from Xcentric Store after paying a one-time fee, giving them full-time access to its tools. Want to know more about the features of the product and why is it worth getting? Keep reading the blog!

Microsoft Office 2019 License

Why Consider Getting The Microsoft Office 2019 License?

Microsoft Office 2019 is a great product for those who do not prefer using a cloud-based solution. It is licensed based on volumes, which means you can use it on many devices, be it desktop or mobile – with access to all its basic features.

Moreover, the 2019 version also supports all the devices running on Windows then, or the popular trio versions of macOS – Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), and Mojave (10.14). However, if you are still a user of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, purchase a subscription to Office 365 before you Buy Office Home & Business 2019 license.

Manage Numbers Better With Excel  

Excel has been around for years now, and businesses use it for managing their data in the form of sheets. In the 2019 version of Microsoft Office, the following functions are introduced to make managing the numbers less stressful.

  • CONCAT– a function supporting individual cell referencing, similar to how the CONCATENATE functions. It also supports range referencing – in Excel Mobile and Excel Online too.
  • SWITCH– allows comparing one value in a cell against many values and provides results equivalent to the first match. If no value will be matched, it uses a default value. Moreover, it allows testing more than a single condition without nesting. Thus, making it easy to read and create conditional formulas.
  • IFS– determines if some conditions are met or not and returned a value corresponding to the TRUE condition. It can take place of many nested IF statements and is easy to read if applied on multiple conditions.
  • MINIFS – a function in excel that returns the smallest value in a range. Users can choose how the text is separated, with a full stop, comma, or any other symbol while returning the value.
  • MAXIFS – returns the largest value from a range, and if the users want, they can set the returning number to the one meeting certain criteria.
  • TEXTJOIN – a unique functionality that allows combining text/values from different ranges. Users get to choose between how they are separated, with commas, full stop, or any other symbol.

Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PCMac

Look Out For The New Features In Outlook

Once you Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac, you will get access to improved features of Outlook, a new-looking inbox, and support. Some of the introduced features include:

  • Emails marked as read after deleting
  • Three-time zone views
  • Focused inbox
  • Office 365 groups
  • Email listening
  • Update contact cards
  • Travel package cards
  • Pop-ups for reminders on windows
  • @mentions

Speak To Word

The new Word in Microsoft Office 2019 has an all-new look and a black theme – along with all the previous features we all are used to. Moreover, it has also incorporated learning tools that are powered with text-to-speech features and sounds that can be personalized. Thus, making it more of a speak and type experience rather than just hitting your keyboard for hours while working on a Word document.


PowerPoint Is Improved

Running a business is all about giving presentations in front of clients and in-house to the team. PowerPoint is what comes to the rescue when preparing a presentation. When you Buy Online Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac, here are the new improved features you will get access to:

  • Morph– a transition that allows adding motion and transition into slides. For creating movements in slides, apply the Morph transition. Users can do this while using many things such as pictures, SmartArt, shapes, text, and WordArt, etc.
  • Zoom– for ensuring more dynamic presentations, Microsoft has introduced the features. By creating a Zoom, users can move from one slide, parts, or sections in their presentation to another while presenting. Precisely, it is a page that shows parts of a presentation in one place. Using these features, you can skip ahead slides, be creative, and go back to previous slides without messing up the flow.
  • Surface Pen – another new feature introduced in PowerPoint which allows using Surface Pen to navigate through the slide in a presentation. Users can wirelessly move slides while standing far away using the pen. It actually makes a huge difference while presenting and is easy to use.

Purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business from Xcentric Store

Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2019 NOW!

Planning on upgrading from Office 2016 or a previous version to Office 2019? Do not delay any more – Purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business from Xcentric Store. The support for Office 2016 has already been dropped in 2020, and before the same happens for other versions, get on the safer side. If you need some help with upgrading to the newer version, feel free to get in touch with a Microsoft expert at Xcentric Services.

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