Why Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License In Pakistan?

Why Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License In Pakistan?

To manage your projects from one convenient place, buy Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License from Xcentric Store. The software for project management can be used for planning projects, collaborating with team members, and staying updated with the progress of projects. It includes cutting-edge tools that help teams work together collaboratively in a better way – from brainstorming sessions to launching the finished products.

Being packed with features and functionalities, the software makes reporting and measuring the progress of a project easy. With its reporting tools, timelines and the trackers of projects are tracked accurately – reflecting the current stage of the project. Moreover, the tools for measurement make allocating resources easier and highlight the priorities to ensure that goals are met on time. So whether you are a member of a team, a project manager, or a business owner looking to increase the efficiency of its teams, Project Professional 2016 by Microsoft is the solution for you.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Office Use

The Features Users Get When They Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Office Use and home use delivers some capabilities that were requested by users for a long time – Resource Capacity Planning and Resource Management. New enhancements like Resource Engagements support these capabilities to provide project managers a better experience and Capacity heat maps.

Moreover, Project Professional 2016 also provides users an end-to-end experience for optimizing and managing their resources. In addition, many more improvements and features have been introduced in the license to help users become more productive at managing projects. Let’s look into the details of how they are beneficial for project managers!

·  Resource Engagement

Through the years, allocating resources and managing them for ensuring that a project is staffed properly has been a challenge for project managers. However now, with Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License, it is possible for them to systematically allocate resources and lock their availability for the project; once approved by higher authorities.

Before a resource is allocated, it is approved by higher authorities to create a workflow – enabling resource managers to reject or approve the request of allocation. Within the Project Pro 2016’s dashboard, the project manager gets to see an up-to-date status of their request. Once a resource is approved and assigned to a project for a fixed duration, the managers of other projects are notified – to make sure that no resource is overbooked.

·  Resource Manager Experience

A line manager or resource manager is someone who manages people and might not want to utilize all the resources for one project only. Therefore, the Project Professional License 2016 enables them to collaborate with projects managers through Project Online. Thus, making it an era for the resource managers to view, approve, or reject all the proposed resources. Moreover, the resource view also allows resource managers and project managers to understand the utilization capacity of resources at one glance.

·  Capacity Heat Maps

A key strategic need for every organization is ensuring that every resource is utilized well and productive. Capacity Heat Maps and intuitive reports in Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License enables one-glance visualization of resources getting utilized in projects. Over and under utilization of resources can lead to problems, and with the heat maps, both can be seen in an instant.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License

·  Timelines

One critical part of a project manager’s job is to communicate the schedule of projects with the resources and upper management. However, for such a huge audience, charts and calendars are not the best way to visualize a schedule. Considering the tech advancements and automation trends, timelines are not the ideal way to communicate and layout the lifecycle of a project.

Keeping in mind the need of users, Project Professional 2016 has updated the Timelines feature. It now includes multiple timelines, each of which has a different starting and ending date – representing the tasks and milestones of every resource. Out of the several features Timelines visualization has, the favourites of team Xcentric Services are:

  • Independent starting and ending dates for every timeline
  • Dragging and dropping feature between multiple timelines
  • Saving files with editable objects to PowerPoint

·   Tell Me

With countless features in Project Professional 2016, it would be great if the user could simply ask where a certain feature is instead of searching for it, right? With the feature named Tell Me, users can do just that as it provides a button that leads to the answer in just a click. Thus, saving a lot of time.

·   Write & Read Office Add-Ins

Office add-ins are downloadable extensions available on the Office Store that increase the functionality of Project Professional 2016. This means that the users can use the add-ins by Microsoft and integrate new features to customize the software according to their needs. One such add-in is for write and read access on projects that a user is working on; providing a richer experience of managing projects.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Home Use

Get The License TODAY!

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Home Use and office use is available at Xcentric Store as a part of Microsoft Office 365. It includes all the features that are mentioned above. To stay organized, activate all these features, collaborate and take charge of your projects, get the license TODAY. For questions or professional help, speak to us at Xcentric Services.

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