Why Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License?

Why Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License?

Want to have complete and optimized control of your business data? Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License from Xcentric Store to provide you needs. With being able to use up to 24 processing cores and data types such as Spatial Data and JSON, you can equip your business more for the ever-evolving digital world around you.

 As the SQL Server is equipped with tools like migrating, stretch databases, and much more on the cloud, managing databases has now become much easier and seamless. Businesses can get the most out of their silos of data without compromising on integrity and security. No matter where your business is focused, with the SQL Server, you can unlock detailed insights, enhance the security of data and stretch it across hybrid environments. Want to know what advanced functionalities and advanced reporting features does SQL Server offer? We have them listed below! 

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License Commercial Use

1. Faster Queries

When business users want data, they want it as fast as possible within seconds. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License Commercial Use enables businesses with such features that process queries faster. Moreover, the memory-optimized tables in the server now also support fast OLTP – Online Transaction Processing, along with a parallelized operations.

2. OLTP In-Memory Enhancements

In-memory Online Transaction processing (OLTP) helps businesses speeding up their transactions and reduce workloads with high concurrency. Moreover, it moves the silos of data from disk-based tables to tables that are memory-optimized and natively compiled stored procedures. Besides that, OLTP also improves the data warehouse staging performance by using memory-optimized tables as staging tables.

3.  In-Memory Analytics

Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License to add more options of getting access to real-time analytics on in-memory data that changes data regularly. Also, by getting the SQL Server, users add support for the column store indexes in the OLTP tables that are memory optimized. Moreover, the contention of resources between workloads is also reduced when run simultaneously on the SQL server. As changes take place in a table, the database engine of the server manages the changes made to the index automatically to ensure that it remains updated on the underlying table.

4.  Analysis Service Enhancement

Analysis Services in the SQL Server provide users two modes that support analytics and fast reporting – Tabular and Multidimensional. Both these modes are enhanced analysis services and help users improve their performance, and the DirectQuery feature allows performing better queries in the SQL Server 2016.

5.  Improved Security

Two new principles are introduced in the SQL Server 2016 security features, namely called:

·     Row-Level Security

This security feature allows users to configure tables such that they can only be seen in the table rows by those who are granted access. Moreover, the feature also limits the rows which are returned to the user, regardless of the application being used by applying a base to the query automatically.

·     Dynamic Data Masking

When businesses have a database containing sensitive data, they can use the dynamic data masking in SQL Server 2016 to complicate a portion of data. Only an authorized user can then access, view, and make changes to the unmasked data.

Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License

6.  Broad Data Access

As the cost of storing data continues dropping and the number of data formats that applications use commonly keep on changing, businesses need both abilities; to manage access to data and seamlessly integrate relational data with unstructured data. Hence, Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License for getting access to several features supporting evolving environments and get access to a variety of data such as:

·   Temporal Data

Temporal tables which were introduced in ANSI SQL 2011 as a new standard are now supported by SQL Server 2-16 too. Moreover, to support creating temporal tables and querying them at a specific time, Transact-SQL has also been extended in the server

·    JSON

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a data-storing format that SQL Server 2016 supports to help users have both types of data structures – Relational and Non-relational. On top of it, JSON also allows users to choose an appropriate model for streamlining workloads and meeting data requirements.

·    PolyBase

In the SQL Server 2016, users now get to use PolyBase to query their data in Azure Blog Storage or Hadoop, and later combine the results with the stored relational data in the server.

7.  Other Features

In a digital world, streamlining operations and making sure that there is no downtime is very important than ever. By using the SQL Server 2016, businesses get options to better manage and store data clusters. Other than that, it also provides features such as:

·    More Analytics

Detailed analytics capabilities are built-in SQL Server 2016 along with enhancements in its tabular models.  Both these capabilities provide great flexibility and many tools to develop solutions out of data more easily and instantly.

·    Better Reporting

For those users who develop reports, the Reporting Services in the SQL Server 2016 create a modern environment with two new data visualisations and an improved layout option.

·     Azure SQL Database

By integrating the features of the SQL Server in the Azure SQL Database, the development teams can take benefits from a full-testing and telemetry cycle – allowing them to add features faster.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License Home Use

Get SQL Server 2016 License TODAY!

Every business wants to get the most out of the business data and not compromise on its integrity at the same time. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP License Home Use and commercial use can provide such data storing and managing features and functionalities to users. You can get the license at Xcentric Store and if there are any questions related to it, feel free to get in touch with specialists at Xcentric Services.

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