Why Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard €“ Open License?

Why Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard €“ Open License?

Are you considering getting the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License? We understand, while making this decision, you might be worried about the process of installing it and going through a downtime in your business operations. Well, considering that the server offers many advantages, we at Xcentric Services have this article covered on the server’s features that can get you a competitive advantage and streamline your business processes. So let’s get through them before you head over to Xcentric Store and get the license. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

One notable feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License for Office is the support it provides to operating systems more than just Windows. OS, Mac, Docker, and Linux are now compatible with SQL Server, and this is what many companies have been waiting for. So by getting the license, you will get the flexibility to choose the operating system that you want to use with the server rather than being stuck on Windows.


Reduced Ownership Cost 

Lots of attention has been paid by Microsoft to increase the benefits of hybrid cloud-based models that help businesses reduce the cost of ownership for silos of databases. When you Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License, accessing the on-cloud data becomes easier along with the on-premise servers. Also, features like Stretch Database in the SQL Server provide users the flexibility to manage and access data anytime.  

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License for Office

Better Data Analysis              

Another exciting feature in the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License is Python. While developing the database management server, Microsoft has put Enhances R-Open that recognises the need for accessing real-time data and analytics of an organization’s database. Moreover, the Advanced Analytics in-database provides users insights to improve everything – from inventory management to the performance of the database and much more. Besides, advanced Business Intelligence features with the capability to process more than 1 million predictions that drive business growth are also a part of the SQL Server 2017.

Enhanced Performance 

Compared to the previous versions, the SQL Server 2017 performs queries up to 100x faster. The transaction processing speed is also boosted by up to 30x. Considering that the data processing needs of organizations are surely going to increase in the future, maximize the performance in database management to ensure growth. 

Best Security 

No one wants to consider the security problems that organizations of every size face because of the low security provided to data. However, the SQL Server 2017 by Microsoft is doing its part to reduce the risk of data theft and cybercrime. With encryption on every step of the process, the server cuts on the possibility of an intruder accessing data and using it. Moreover, Dynamic Data Masking increases the security level further to secure data and provide access to authorized users only. 

Buy Online Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License

Cross-Platform Visual Studio 

With the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open License, the developers at organizations can also use the code on their Visual Studio on Mac OS and Linux. Connect with different operating systems by getting the SQL Server 2017 license and run operations without experiencing any disruptions. 

Auto Database Tuning 

The automatic database tuning feature notifies the user when there is a potential performance issue, and helps apply actions to fix it or enables the database engine to auto-fix it. Thus, do not worry about if the server will adapt to your business processes and world loads or not. Its advanced and automated functionalities allow the database to dynamically adapt workloads and improve its performance. Moreover, the database also monitors performance regularly after changes are made by automatic tuning to make sure that the workload performance is improved. In case an action takes automatically does not improve the performance, it is reverted. 

Distributed Transaction Support

For the databases in availability groups, the SQL Server 2017 supports distributed transactions. This support includes databases on different instances of the server and the same instances too. However, the databases that are configured for database mirroring do not support distributed transactions. 

Disaster Recovery

Users can get fast failover, load-balancing, easy setup, and mission-critical uptime of readable secondaries with SQL Server 2017’s Always-On functionality. Also, it is an all-inclusive solution that provides high availability and disaster recovery on Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. To get high hybrid availability, users can also put an asynchronous replica in the server’s Azure virtual machine. 

Linux Support

Many operations in Linux are now supported by SQL Server 2017. Page-based installation is possible for Docker, RHEL, SUSE, and Ubuntu to streamline the installation and upgrading process. Hence, users will not have to pay an administrative head just because they want to use an operating system other than Windows. They can simply deploy the server on platforms like Pacemaker and Docker Swarm to manage the risk of failover clustering and restore the backup. 

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open Licence for Home

Get The SQL Server 2017 License TODAY! 

SQL Server 2017 by Microsoft is more than just an upgrade for your database. Its ability to work compatibly with cross platforms makes it a game-changer and worth the license price. When you get the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Open Licence for Home or office use, better support for Business Intelligence, hybrid configuration, and decreased ownership cost provide one-of-a-kind support. If the only thing holding you back from getting the license is the license, count on Xcentric Services for professional help. To get the SQL Server 2017 license, visit Xcentric Store – before your data becomes a hassle to handle. 

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