Why Should You Buy Online Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License in Pakistan?

Why Should You Buy Online Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License in Pakistan?

Efficiency is essential for businesses in every industry. Being capable of creating, collaborating, and communicating without any glitch makes them more operational. On top of it all, getting access to productivity-boosting tools that help employees perform their tasks easily from anywhere and everywhere makes them more agile. Buy Online Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License in Pakistan because it is a suite of such cutting-edge tools. They work collaboratively with each other to streamline work processes and are hence a MUST-HAVE for a business. On getting the Office 365 license from Xcentric Store, here are the benefits a user gets:

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 for Small Businesses

. Access Files Anywhere

Office 365 allows users to store all the files on the cloud, which means they are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, users working more on their mobile phones get access to their applications and files when on the go. 

. Secure Cloud Storage

Users that Buy Online Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License in Pakistan get a totally secure working environment with robust security measures in place. For example, two-factor authentication in the license ensures that only authorized people can access the files on a device. Moreover, security threats like anti-malware are detected automatically and stopped immediately, which is important for users that work on confidential information. Overall, getting the Microsoft Office 365 license means liberating your business to operate without any security concerns.

. Improved Communication

With applications like Skype, Teams, and Outlook, the Office 365 license keeps communication seamless and centralized between users and their teams. Skype for business allows them to hold conference calls and meetings with the team and external agencies all around the world – no matter what the distance.

On the other hand, the Teams application also acts as a messaging platform where comments and files can be added at any time for cross-department collaboration and co-authoring files. Users can also “At” team members on Teams to notify them that there is a message. All these features mean that users can constantly and immediately contact teams at any time of the day.

Yammer is another feature in the Office 365 license, which acts as a social network for users. By posting News Feed, users can message the whole team and staff in an instant. They also receive an email where there is a replacement post so that no messages go unseen. These posts can be discussed by anyone and different channels can be created in the application according to their purposes.

Office 365 license

. Predictable spend

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 for Small Businesses or personal use at home are purchased per user and only monthly subscription. The actual value of the license depends on the functionalities you choose. Different licensing options include varying applications and products dictating the value of the license.

However, the benefit of such a licensing plan is that by paying per user every month, you get to predict and spend your IT budget wisely. Also, considering that the license cost includes the up-gradation cost, no unexpected or additional costs are incurred.

. Business Continuity

With files stored on the cloud and being secure, users can still operate as normal in case of a disaster at their workplace. Regardless of what happens to a physical device on which the license was in use, the emails, files, and data are stored safely on the cloud. The application Exchange Online in the license also has recovery features that restore individual emails and entire mailboxes if needed.

. Automatic Upgrades

All the essential applications included in the license like Word, Excel, and Outlook are included and work online without the necessity to install any third-party software. Upgrades are performed automatically at scheduled intervals. Hence, the users do not need to worry about not being on the newest version of the license. Also, the expense of getting new software is reduced as the cost of updates is included in the subscription of the Office 36 5license.

. Centralized Collaboration

Office 365 enables sharing mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents in real-time through collaborative tools. Sharing calendars in Exchange Online means users get to see that who in their team is free for a quick meeting and schedule meetings. Moreover, with shared mailboxes, multiple people can access one mailbox.

SharePoint is another integral tool that enables collaboration for users when they Buy Online Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License in Pakistan. Documents that are saved here can be accessed and worked on by all the authorised team members and shared as a link in an email. Multiple can also edit documents stored in SharePoint in real-time, which makes co-authoring hassle-free. Users of the license can see who is editing the document within the application with the help of colour flags that are an identity of every team member.

As a whole, for every business, the features provided in the Microsoft Office 365 license are unmatched. Also, the monthly subscription model offered to get the license makes it easy for users to get applications that match their needs and the number of users.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 License services

Get The License TODAY!

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 for Home and business use is an all-inclusive suite of applications and tools that automate collaborations and make communication seamless. To get the license, visit Xcentric Store. Moreover, if you need more information about the Office 365 license and its installation, speak to Microsoft experts at Xcentric Services.

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