Why Should You Consider To Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro?

Why Should You Consider To Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro?

Every important feature of Windows 10 Home is there in Windows 10 Pro – from encryption functionality to creating virtual machines, remote login, and more. Users who Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro get to manage their devices, applications, and identities in a scalable way. Thus, allowing them to meet their needs and grow the efficient way. We have this great business partner available at Xcentric Store, but before you buy it, let us get you through its features.

Which Features Are There In Microsoft windows 10 Pro?

To get peace of mind, enterprise-level secure features for protecting critical information, and an expanded Start Menu, organizations prefer getting Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit. It ensures quick start-ups and provides other innovative features like a built-in new browser, Cortana, and much more to get things done the smart way. Designed to provide a productive experience to its users across devices, Windows 10 Pro is powered by the following features:

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

1.  Familiar & Better

Planning switching to Windows 10 Pro but confused about if you will be able to use it easily? Technically, it is a Windows version already known to all with better features and upgrades you will surely love. Using it will make you feel like a professional because of its ease of use and familiar features.

Also, the Start Menu is back in it after being updated. Plus, it has brought over the pinned and favourite applications of users so that they are always ready to be used at one click. Besides, the start-up and resuming time has also improved, along with better built-in security that keeps information safe when working with other software and hardware.

2.  Cortana

When you Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, a personal assistant named Cortana will work across your devices to help with getting things done. Over time when it is used, Cortana becomes more useful and personally helpful. In addition, it is also great at sending out reminders at the right time and place. Thus, ensuring that your team forgets less and does more while working.

3.  Multi-Tasking

Windows 10 Pro provides its users the best environment and experience for doing what they are already doing. The applications are easy to snap in place on one screen in an organized way to make everything work. Users can also create new desktops when in need of extra space to keep everything streamlined.

Moreover, all the notifications are brought in one place so that the users can see them easily and act on anything important instantly. Moreover, the photos, documents, and files are also put in the OneDrive cloud storage. Thus, ensuring that they are synced and accessible at any time. All in all, this product by Microsoft removes every obstacle between the user and him ticking the task list saying DONE.

4.   Microsoft Edge

The all-new Windows 10 Pro also came with Microsoft Edge, which is a browser built for providing users an enhanced web experience. They get to type or write notes directly on the web pages and then share them with the team.

Other than that, users can also read articles online without any distraction and save them for accessing later on. Plus, by enabling Cortana, they can get access to instant key actions like reading reviews, making a reservation, and much more – without leaving the current page.

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

5.   Continuum

Want your applications and content to appear beautifully no matter which device you use – desktop, mobile, or laptop? Everyone believes that the BEST screen is the one they are on, and the good news is that Windows 10 is optimized to provide the same experience on every device.

All the on-screen features in Windows 10 Pro also adapt easy navigation, and the applications are scaled for providing smooth displays. Whenever you want, change from the desktop mode to tablet or mobile – and the screen will provide a smooth display every time.

6.   Built-In Protection

Even if something unexpected happens, Windows 10 Pro does not let businesses skip a beat and protects their data across devices flexibly. So, in case the user loses the device, the data will remain protected – thanks to the disk and file encryption feature. Also, users of Windows 10 Pro will move past the days of passwords authentication and prevent malware the smarter way.

With its features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, it makes it easy for users to adopt multi-factor authentication and biometrics. Therefore, providing them a friendly way to switch once and for all from the hassle of passwords.

7.    Adapt While Growing

Technology is here to help reduce cost and enable growth - not restrict the businesses when it comes to making choices. Considering this, Windows 10 Pro allows its users to run the applications on-cloud, on-site, and even both simultaneously if it suits the needs of the business.

Hence, if you are mobbing to Windows 10 Pro, do not worry about anything. Use the existing domain or move to a single sign-up on Windows, OneDrive, Office 365, Windows Store, and more. Moreover, the Business Store can also be used for managing the Windows applications by integrating the existing device management solutions.

8.    Seamless Connections

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro to enjoy the benefits of a productive and collaborative team that is allowed to work from anywhere. Using it, staying connected will not be important to work productively. Instead, every team member will be able to edit documents, communicate online, use cloud services and access the applications on Windows Store.

Moreover, saving files critical to the business will not be a hassle as they will be synced back with the cloud. So, whenever a team member connects back to get work done, everything will be connected and up-to-date.

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Get Microsoft Windows 10 Pro NOW!

Ready to scale your business processes and get things done from anywhere? Windows 10 Pro is a solution that you need to make it all work seamlessly and grow. We have the software available at Xcentric Store. To know more about the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Business Price and features, speak to a professional at Xcentric Services.


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