Why Should You Get The Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business - License - 1 PC/Mac

Why Should You Get The Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business - License - 1 PC/Mac

Efficiency is important for every business because getting to collaborate, create and communicate seamlessly helps them be more productive. With access to tools that boost productivity, people do their daily tasks without any hassle from anywhere. Therefore, making the business processes more agile and the organization a strong competitor in its industry. Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac is a suite of productivity-boosting tools like SharePoint, Exchange, Word, Teams, Excel, and more.

Being cloud-based, it offers the users a full-feature experience regardless of which device they use, as long as they remain online. Every tool in Office 2019 complements each other and works seamlessly to help businesses work better.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac

6 Benefits Of Getting The Microsoft Office 2019 For Home & Business License

Are you thinking of getting the Office 2019 license and want to know everything about it? Before you get the license from Xcentric Store, let us take you through the list of benefits it provides overall to businesses so that you know what is coming your way.

1.   File Accessibility

Office 2019 allows storing and keeping files on the cloud, which means that they can be accessed on any kind of device and at any location with just an internet connection. In organizations that require employees to work on mobile, getting access to all the applications and files needed while on the go is valuable. Hence, if you want to meet such needs in your organization, getting the Office 2019 license is the best option.

2.  Secure On-Cloud Storage

With robust measures in place for security, Microsoft Office 2019 provides users with a safe and secure environment. It helps secure files with two-factor authentication that ensure no unauthorized person accesses them if they are using a device. Moreover, threats and malware are detected easily so that they could be stopped in time – which is very important for organizations dealing with confidential information. So, by using Office Home & Business 2019 - 1 PC/Mac License, operate freely without being concerned about security.

3.  Better Communication

Users of Office 2019 get access to tools that help with keeping communication straightforward and centralized across applications like Outlook, Skype, and others. While users get to hold meetings and conferences with clients and in-house teams on Skype for Business, they can always collaborate and communicate on Teams too. It is an instant messaging application that allows adding comments and uploading files for cross-department collaboration and communication.

All the features combined ensure that the employees in the organization using Microsoft Office 2019 remain in contact constantly – at any time. Besides, there is another application named Yammer that acts as a social networking platform for employees at an organization. By posting on it, one can get the entire workspace on one page without having to send out separate messages to everyone with the same purpose.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac

4.  Spend Predictions

Similar to a subscription, Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac has a payment plan per user on monthly basis. Technically, the cost of the license is dependent on the functionalities level the user chooses for the organization. Different products and applications are included in different enterprise-level licenses, dictating their total cost.

Hence, to manage your IT budget for the year, pay per user monthly as it helps predict the cost. Moreover, the cost of upgrades is also included in the licenses, guaranteeing that there will be no additional or unexpected costs.

5.  Business Continuity

With documents and files getting stored and backed up on the cloud regularly, businesses can continue operating even if there is a disaster. No matter what the physical devices go through, the emails, documents, and other data remain stored on the cloud safely. Besides, the Exchange Online application in Microsoft Office 2019 License Commercial Use also provides features for recovery. If needed, users can restore the entire inbox or even individual emails no matter what the organization goes through.

6.  Centralized Collaboration

Using the Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac, users can share their contacts, mailboxes, calendars, and documents using collaboration tools in real-time. By sharing the calendars, everyone in the team will be able to see the availability of each other so that meetings can be scheduled accordingly.

Getting to share the mailboxes also means that the same emails can be accessed by multiple team members at the same time. Besides, another integral tool that enhances collaboration at organizations is SharePoint. Documents saved in it can be worked on and accessed by the team members and shared in the email as links, making co-authoring easier.

Besides, the license also includes versions of the most popular Office applications like Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel. For businesses in any and every industry, all these applications and features are unmatched.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business – License – 1PC/Mac

Get The License TODAY!

Ready to grow your business by improving collaboration between the teams and going on the cloud? Get the Microsoft Office 2019 License Home Use and commercial use from Xcentric Store. For more information about the Microsoft product, feel free to contact us at Xcentric Services.

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