Why Should You Get The Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack?

Why Should You Get The Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack?

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack that we have at Xcentric Store is not just for employees in organizations who have no choice other than to use it. The users of a professional PC like a Surface Book will be able to upgrade to this high-end version of the operating system automatically. However, the others like small businesses and Home users might need to know the benefits of the Pro Pack before they get the license.

More and more users are opting for the Professional Pack of Microsoft Windows 10, especially Home users because it does not take anything away from them. Instead, it gives them access to more sophisticated features. Keep on reading the blog to get a detailed insight into those features – we have them covered right here.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack License for Home

1.  BitLocker

The encryption software of Microsoft was developed and updated back when Windows Vista was launched. Currently, it is built in the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack License for Home users. Moreover, since the launch of Windows 8.1, the BitLocker feature offers the encryption option for the Windows Boot Drive and other drives in the system that are fixed. Alongside, it also allows encryption of external devices and USB keys too. 

BitLocker is a feature that comes in handy especially when Windows users are traveling – even if it is just to a nearby café. Though locking down the data does not provide it 100% security, it is just the start. If there is encryption on a drive, BitLocker will encrypt the other files too that a user adds to it. Moreover, the users also get the option to suspend the extension or remove it completely.

In case a file is moved from an encrypted drive in BitLocker to another drive, it is decrypted automatically. However, as complicated as it sounds, it is not. Simply log in to your Windows PC and your files will be accessible to you in an instant. And of course, you will need a strong password to make it all work.

2.  Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Windows 10 has two capabilities that are named similarly but are significantly different – Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop Connection. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack and Windows 10 Home devices initiate the Remote Desktop Connections. However, only the devices with Windows 10 Pro can be controlled remotely – not the Windows 10 Home Machines.

On the other hand, Remote Assistance is an educational tool designed by Microsoft to help remote technicians adjust the graphic settings of their devices. The outcome is that devices at work can be accessed from home by users, but the home machines can be controlled from work only.

3.   Client Hyper-V

Probably, not many business professionals think about virtualization, which is the capability to divide a share of your hard drive into a virtual PC with its separate operating system. But for enthusiastic business owners – especially those who wish to carry on testing Insider builds without risking their main system, Hyper-V is a life saver. In actual fact, virtualization is a KEY technology that performs in several ways within Windows 10 Pro.

Virtualization forms a secure operating environment within a PC that allows users to run multiple operating systems, including Linux, future builds of Windows 10, and even older versions of Windows. However, once you get the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack, installing Hyper-V manually is still necessary.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack

4.   Windows Sandbox

WDAG used to be a go-to choice for searching the Web, but Sandbox has replaced it now. Think of it as an upgrade over WDAG, or a small downgrade over a full-fledged Hyper-V window. Basically, Sandbox provides a streamlined way to launch a self-reliant virtual environment.

Sandbox can be used for testing applications, such as an unsystematic utility found on the Web in which a user is not sure about what it does or whether it is malware. It also cuts out part of your operating system for its own use, and when the window is closed everything within it disappears.

The feature can also be used to securely surf the web, even though its default environment contains bare-bones. Sandbox does not offer any more privacy than a browser’s private browsing mode. If a user is logged into the browser, their history will be saved. Still, it is fairly satisfying to see the browser and the history that disappears Sandbox is closed.

5.   Other Features

Many features in the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack are aimed to streamline the business market. For instance, Domain Join allows bringing a personal PC and connecting it to the office domain. Group policy management enables an IT admin to control the PCs. However, if a user is still running on an old Web application at work that does not sync with Internet Explorer 11 or Edge, they will be dropped into an Internet Explorer 8 mode insider the browser.

Similarly, if a business wants specialized enterprise applications, the admin can lock through the Windows Store to ensure that the employees get access to them, and nothing else. The ability to join Azure Active Directory is also provided, with a single sign-on capability.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack License for Commercial Use

Get The Pro Pack NOW!

Getting the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Pack License for Commercial Use makes sense for businesses that use it for the advanced features – which are added over time. We have the license for the pack available at Xcentric Store. If you are compelled to upgrade and really need all these features, get the license NOW. Moreover, if you need some more information related to the license and its installation, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft Experts at Xcentric Services.

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