Windows Server 2022 – What Are The New Things In It?

Windows Server 2022 – What Are The New Things In It?

To meet the complex business and data needs, Microsoft keeps introducing new enhancements and upgrades to its server operating system regularly. Fast network, increased security, and cloud upgrades are noticeable examples of its enhancements. A new version of Windows Server 2022 was also announced by Microsoft in September 2021. Since then, many forums and people are continuously speculating about its new features and improvements. Also, because its license is available on Xcentric Store, we totally recommend it for an IT infrastructure and swear the performance. However, before you get it, let us give you a look at its best new features.

5 New Features In The Increasingly Popular Windows Server 2022

Deployed in the 20th century, the 2022 version of Windows Server is the most reliable, secure, and Azure-compatible. Considering the security threats and cyber-attacks that keep on increasing, Server 2022 is built using top-notch security parameters, which are discussed below.

The server is a wholesome security package designed for securing IT infrastructures end-to-end. It will help businesses of every type to securely run their workloads, enable hybrid cloud-integrated and meet the demanding IT needs with features including but not limited to:

Server 2022

1. Server Hardware Improvements

One of the major improvements in the server of 2022 is that the hardware limitations are extended to the maximum level. It supports 2048 logical cores and 48 terabytes of memory running on 64 physical sockets. Moreover, the server also supports the Ice Lake SGX processor of Intel. Therefore, isolating the sensitive data in a processor enclave that is encrypted during the process.

2. Storage Enhancements

The innovations made at the storage level in Windows Server 2022 represent a major improvement. Managing data daily is a big problem for data engineers. Considering this, the following advanced storage upgrades are built into the 2022 server:

  • Advanced Caching

Stores all the data that is less critical on slower volumes and important data on storage volumes that are fast automatically. This will allow fast access to reading and writing operations.

  • Manageable & Fast Storage

The improvements made in the storage fix the hard drive faster in case there is a hardware failure or the server restarts.

  • ReFS File Snapshots

Using a unique way known as fast metadata operations ReFS allows taking snapshots of data at constant times – regardless of its size.

Microsoft Windows Server

3. Updated Security Measures

Talking about security practices, Microsoft never stops innovating them because as the technology advances, so do the threats. Hence, three major security enhancements are offered in Microsoft Windows Server 2022 including firmware protection, virtual environment security, and hardware trust.

In addition, some other notable improvements in the server are SMB East-West encryption, secure DNS support with DNS-over-HTTPS, SMB over QUIC, HTTPS, and TLS 1.3, Azure Auto-manage, Azure Arc, and Server Message Block AES-256.

All the security enhancements and protocols mentioned above ensure that the 2022 server is self-reliant when it comes to processing critical applications and sensitive data. Overall, the whole server core is protected from the perspective of firmware, hardware, and drivers to prevent complex attacks. Other than that, it offers the following:

  • Firmware Attack Prevention

Extended attacks and threats often occur when restarting a server via firmware. With technologies like Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) and Direct Memory Access (DMA), the 2022 server is protected from cyber-attacks.

  • Hypervisor Security

The hypervisor in server 2022 is protected with a virtualisation-based security technology (VBS), which isolates all the individual processes from the operating system. In case there is an attack, it does not spread to any other part of the system and the entire server does not get compromised.

  • Server Message Block

The all-new server message block functionality eliminates the need of having a VPN for mobile users, remote workers, and highly secure organizations through Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC). Using the UDP – Use Datagram Protocol, the internet traffic remains encrypted always.

Windows Server 2022 Requirements

4. Better Azure Capabilities

The capabilities of Microsoft Azure have been extended to Windows Server 2022 for supporting virtualization to other vendors and the outside network. Technically, the servers that are Azure Arc-enables offer users a secure and comprehensive approach towards integration anywhere in multi-cloud, on-premises, and edge environments.

5. Application Platform Improvements

The 2022 server provides users a flexible platform to update the container applications by supporting business-critical and large-scale applications like the SQL Server, requiring memory of 48 Terabytes. Moreover, its loading speed is also 30% faster than the former operating systems – thanks to the small size of the Windows container. For storing the .NET applications, tools of the Windows Admin Center are also updated.


By adopting the Microsoft Server 2022, businesses can manage a secure infrastructure and integrate the virtual environments already existing into hybrid cloud models. Moreover, they can also restructure all the applications for meeting the demanding growth and Windows Server 2022 Requirements.

If you are looking for an operating system that is on-premise and enables little virtual participation, get the Standard Edition of the server 2022. However, if you are a large enterprise-grade virtual setup planning to improve scalability in your data centre or cloud, get the Windows 2022 Azure Data or Data Center Edition. Whichever editions you choose, get the license from Xcentric Store. For more details and expert help, contact us at Xcentric Services.

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