Is Upgrading To Windows 10 Pro Worth The Investment?

Is Upgrading To Windows 10 Pro Worth The Investment?

Mostly, users are happy with Windows 10 home, but some of the features in Windows 10 Pro make it worth the investment. Frankly speaking, this version is not only for the cubicle dwellers with no choice in any matter. Professionals owning a professional PC such as the Surface Book 2 will be upgraded to this version of the operating system automatically. However, small businesses and PC enthusiasts also weigh the benefits of Windows 10 Home and the Pro version.

Technically, the Windows 10 Professional version does not take away anything from the Home users but simply adds features that are more sophisticated.  However, do pay attention to the fact that more and more devices now opt for the business edition for devices such as the Surface Book 3 – just to land on a pre-installed Pro version of the operating system. Still want to know what new features the version has to offer before you upgrade to it? Give the blog a read!

5 New Upgrades In The Windows 10 Pro Version

Microsoft itself has also compared the different versions of Windows 10, which we have broken down into some categories in this blog; updates, security, deployment, management, and fundamentals. All of these are relevant to the power users and traditional businesses too. Even though there are dozens of differences falling into these categories, five key ones that help decide whether the upgrade is worth it or not are listed below.

Install Windows 10

1. BitLocker

The encryption software of Microsoft has been developed and updated since the time of Windows Vista. Now, it is built into Microsoft Windows 10 too. In the previous Windows 8.1 version, BitLocker offered options of encrypting the Windows boot drive and other driven that were fixed in the system, as well as the external drives and USB keys.

BitLocker comes in handy especially when the user is traveling, even if it is only to the local café. Locking down the data is not 100% foolproof but surely, it is a start. So when a drive is encrypted, the BitLocker will encrypt the other files added to it. Moreover, users also have the option to remove or suspend the encryption.

Other than that, files that are moved from a BitLocker encrypted drive to any other drive are decrypted automatically. And, it is not even very complicated: logging into the Windows PC will make your files accessible automatically. Only if your PC gets lost in the worst-case scenario, then the BitLocker will work to protect the file from the access of an attacker.

Windows 10 Pro Download is worth the plunge. To get the license for Windows 10 Professional Download

Of course, you need a password for making it all work, preferably quite a strong one. If you do not have the password, a recovery key will be required for regaining the access: a code that is saved to a file in a Microsoft account or printed out to keep safe. BUT, in case you forget the password and even lose the recovery key, you will be stuck – and lose access to data forever.

2. Remote Desktop Connection

The machines using Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro can initiate Remote Desktop Connections, in such a way that the master machine controls the slave machine and other resources. However, only the machines on Windows 10 Professionals can be controlled remotely – not the ones using Windows 10 Home.

Simply put, the Windows 10 Home machines can be assisted remotely, which means that the slave machine is controlled by the master machine and also mirrors the master display. Now, the end result here is that the work machines are accessible from home, but home machines are only controllable from work. Hence, if you are running a small business, Remote Desktop Connection is another reason why you should get Windows 10 Professional.

3. Client Hyper-V

Probably, not many business professionals care about virtualization – an ability to wall off the hard drive’s portion into a virtual PC, complete with an operating system. However, for IT enthusiasts, especially the ones who wish to test insider building without putting the main system at risk, Hyper-V is a game-changer.

Windows 10 Pro

In fact, virtualization is a technology that appears within Microsoft Windows 10 Pro in several ways. It creates a secure operating system environment within a PC that allows running different operating systems; including older Windows versions, Linux, and even the future Windows 10 builds.

However, on the safer side, just ensure that you have a valid license key for the OS and a PC processor supporting virtualization because not all old versions do. Once you Install Windows 10, you will have to manually install Hyper-V.

Ready To Get Windows 10 For The Flexibility?

Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro makes sense for all those users who want access to more advanced features. Given that Microsoft keeps on adding more features over time and the operating system grows more appealing, Windows 10 Pro Download is worth the plunge. To get the license for Windows 10 Professional Download, check out Xcentric Store. Moreover, if you need help to Activate Windows 10 Pro, get in touch with Microsoft experts at Xcentric Services.


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