Why Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License?

Why Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License?

Since it was first launched, Microsoft Project Professional has been helping project managers in tracking progress, assigning tasks, and managing resources. Originally, it was released as a web-based application but was soon adapted for PC users. Users that Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License get access to tools that are designed specifically to help to work on projects from scratch. It includes support for every stage – from planning to resource allocation, budgeting, developing, analyzing, and project tracking. Want to know more about the Microsoft product before you get its license from Xcentric Store? Keep on reading the blog – we have covered all its features right here.

Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License

5 Features Of Microsoft Project Professional 2016

There are many features in the Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License that help project managers work more efficiently and productively. Let us give you a detailed insight into some of them.

1.   Planning & Scheduling

Planning and scheduling without any doubt are the most important part of project management. Precisely, they are the backbone of an entire project and can make or break it. For starters, these features help project managers specify when and how every task should be completed.

Later on, the tasks are assigned to team members, and necessary resources are allocated. Thus, making the entire process of completing a project transparent and smooth – where every team member is aware of the responsibilities and duties. Microsoft Project Professional 2016 does exactly this and utilizes the following for ensuring seamless project management:

  • Prioritization– helps the project manager in prioritizing tasks, eliminating urgent tasks, and allowing the team to focus on the important ones first.
  • Task Management– allows defining the activities that are involved in the project and decide on how to assign them to team members.
  • Team Calendar– shared calendar to ensure that team members are on the same page, get notified of upcoming events, and have synchronized work schedules. 

2.   Project Timeline View

This is one of the best features according to those who Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License. When working on a project, a project manager obviously wants to have every detail in one place and keep the schedules in sync. But, what if they also want someone outside the project team to track the progress and check on how everyone is doing? Project Timeline View in Microsoft Project Professional 2016 presents the complete project with a top-down view, making it an essential feature. For example, if a project manager is asked to present the project to the stakeholders, partners, or top management, they can easily do so using the feature. 

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Lifetime

3.    Collaboration 

Collaboration is an important part of projects. Every activity involves many people and ideally, to make things work, you need to have them all connected. When they are connected on a common platform, information can be easily shared between them. But, the question is – how Microsoft Project Professional 2016 helps achieve collaboration with its features? Here is how:

  • File Sharing– allows file sharing between team members and ensures that they all have relevant documentation to work without any interruptions.
  • Team Dashboard– offers an overview of the important statistics and information that is relevant to the project. It also allows adding multiple charts, graphics, and data presentations to make work more organised and visual. Useful for presentations, the feature serves as a KPI report for projects.
  • Client Data Sharing – only managing internal information is not sufficient to complete a project, which is why customer data is shared with all the team members involved in the project and is stored safely.

4.     Reporting

In tracking the progress of a project, reporting is an essential means because it allows monitoring how much work is remaining and how much is complete. Luckily, the Microsoft Project Professional 2016 excels at this and allows generating reports with minimal effort.

The cherry on top is that it also enables the project managers to customize the structure and data according to their requirements. Its features include a one-page overview of the project, burn-down reports, the availability and utilization of available resources, a list of pending tasks and targets achieved, a cost overview, and other upcoming goals.

With all the features mentioned, project managers can build a customized report that addresses the needs of their team members. Once they have all the information that they would want to present, the only thing to do is – pulling up the reporting interface and choosing the parameters. And then, the report will be right there.

5.     Resource Management

When businesses Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 1PC License for their project managers, they get flexibility in managing the available project resources. These resources can be monetary – allocated budget, raw materials, have people involved – the team members, meeting rooms, and much more. Though understandably, a project does come with limitations on the resources that can be used for the completion of a project.

The resource management tool in Project Professional 2016 by Microsoft helps with tracking and monitoring the available resources and how they can be used. It also lets the project manager assign costs to the resources individually and later analyze if they are overused or underused. While every project has its unique requirements and resource needs, the tool allows assigning the tasks based on the available resources and their demand.

Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Lifetime

Get Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License!

Other than the features that are mentioned in the blog, Project Professional 2016 provides many tools which are focused on project management. With its set of all these features, it is an ideal license for project managers as it helps them streamline projects, allocate resources, and stay on track. Are you convinced to Buy Online Microsoft Project Professional 2016 License for Lifetime? Get it from Xcentric Store and if you need some more information about it, feel free to contact us at Xcentric Services.


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