What Are The New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service Trends?

What Are The New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service Trends?

We will all remember the year of the pandemic – 2021, which was not what everyone expected it to be. However, still, the digital world kept on evolving and so did the software to make sure that businesses do not fall behind. Amid it all, several Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service trends have also taken the digital world by storm. As a business, you need to keep an eye on them as they are re-shaping the digital landscape in 2021 and 2021. Hence, let us at Xcentric Services give you an insight into the latest Dynamics 365 trends and what they mean for businesses.

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The Essential Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service Trends For 2021

As we enter the new year 2021, it is bringing our way to plenty of innovations that are now revealing their potential in the digital world – one of them being Microsoft Dynamics 365. To keep you into the trends, lets get into the details of the top tech-trends for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users in 2021.

● Trend #1 – Artificial Intelligence

For more than a decade now, Artificial Intelligence has been a promising trend. Have you ever felt that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next BIG thing as you hear about it? As we all enter 2021, it is time to realize that Artificial Intelligence is not just another passing trend. It is an ever-growing trend that is getting involved more and more in business processes. Currently, we at Xcentric Services are noticing that in the world of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Artificial Intelligence is coming into many areas – from customer service to product insights and customer insights.

● Trend #2 – Integration With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft itself would not have imagined that Teams will reach more than 115 daily active users – thanks to the need for remote working across the globe. The reach makes Microsoft Teams a product that drives the user adoption of other products after being integrated. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service, users can see all the Office 365 applications integrated with Teams, and the same goes with other Microsoft applications.

However, the level of integration with other applications is not the same as with Microsoft Teams. Besides using the application normally, users can get the Dynamics 365 information from within Teams. Also, the Dynamics 365 tabs can be added to Teams and accesses on other customer engagement applications there. This way, organizations and teams using Dynamics 365 can collaborate on one or multiple records simultaneously.

If you are using custom applications for processing business tasks daily, we at Xcentric Services can help you take it a step further and surface them in Teams for you. This is one of the new means of getting new users to use custom applications and drive user adoption. Besides, this will also help existing users of Dynamics 365 at your organization to use the same applications more and more.

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● Trend #3 – Internet of Things Meet Dynamics 365

Next up on our list of trends is this trend that enables manufacturing in industrial settings. We know, you are thinking HOW? By simply connecting Dynamics 365 with shop floor information and leveraging information from sensors and systems. This way, the information reaches where you as an organization need it. To be precise, in 2021’s trends for Dynamics 365, we are evolving from making reactive decisions to proactive analytics that support the decision process.

So far, this is the most industry-specific trend on our list. And nonetheless, for this era, this trend for MS Dynamics CRM is a game-changer. By tapping into this trend, you can make analytics and insights accessible throughout the organization. Rest assured, many great things will come your way once you tap into the trend.

● Trend #4 – Guaranteed Security For Software Integrations

The next notable trend that we came across is related to security, as currently, there is an increased need to share data while maintaining security and privacy. Without any second thoughts, this trend is going nowhere in 2021.

In this hyper-connected era, the trend is to guarantee security to organizations when software integrations are involved. Truth be told, we do the same at Xcentric Services when integrating software for our clients.

Let’s look at it with an example. Say that you are using Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service to carry out business processes at your organization. Someday, you discover that you can integrate both these applications, sound cool, right? You can automatically transfer all the documents piled up in Dynamics 365 to SharePoint. BUT, unknowingly, this can create a threat to the security of the data.

Luckily, we now have integrations more than ever, which means that their solutions are also brought up to fix the security problems that come along with these integrations. Safe to say, this trend is going to be stronger than ever in 2021, and really should be.

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The Takeaway

You as an organization can embrace all these prevailing Office 365 CRM trends and use them to your advantage – to accelerate business frown in this ever-changing digital arena. As the new year unfolds, get ready to hit the ground running with the power of Microsoft.

Talk to our Microsoft expert at Xcentric Services if you need help putting these trends to practice.  They will be more than happy to be your support. Moreover, to get the latest licenses for Microsoft products, visit Xcentric Store. Besides, you can also jump on a quick call with our team to know which Microsoft products suit your needs the best.

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